Reaching a milestone: One year since the kidney transplant

By Michelle Rogers
Kidney donor

This month marked a milestone for me and Nancy as we celebrated the year anniversary since I donated one of my kidneys to her. It’s a time to celebrate, indeed, since everything has gone wonderfully and she hasn’t had any major complications.

In March, while visiting Michigan for Nancy’s mom’s birthday, we celebrated with a Spa Day. I got a facial and she had a massage. Then we went out for brunch. It was wonderful to see her healthy and with so much more energy.

Beaumont Health System, the hospital that did the transplant, published a piece yesterday written by its public relations staff marking our milestone and the one-year anniversary of another successful transplant. The writer ended the article with my quote:

“A few weeks of healing time and putting my regular routine on hold in exchange for knowing I helped someone live a longer life. Now that’s priceless.”

Read the story in its entirety here.


2 thoughts on “Reaching a milestone: One year since the kidney transplant

  1. I would have never known you didn’t have a kidney having read this. The way you portray yourself is with such grace and poise that I just assumed you were a “normie” and not a “spoonie”. It’s amazing to see your “invisible illness” brought to life and painted in this blog. WHAT A GREAT READ!

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