7 weeks since the kidney transplant

By Nancy Noble
Kidney Recipient

It has been over 7 weeks since the kidney transplant and I feel really good. The incision is completely healed and it looks really good.

I am pretty much back to normal. I have been able to work in the garden, but while wearing a mask and always wearing gloves. I am walking daily one to two miles at a slower rate than what I usually walk, but that’s OK.

All my lab work is really good except my glucose is fluctuating, probably because we are still trying to adjust my prograf (anti-rejection medication). I am going to the clinic weekly for labs and seeing the doctor every four weeks.

I am looking forward to relaxing this summer as I am not back to work until September.


One thought on “7 weeks since the kidney transplant

  1. I’m so glad you are doing well Nancy. It takes a while to get those meds figured out. I think of you and I’m glad you posted again ❤ Janet

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