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Full days and fresh air as kidney recipient recovers

By Mark Noble

Yesterday Nancy and I took two walks outside. We went two houses down one side, then back to our house and two houses the other way. This way we would never be far from home, so to speak.

Nancy “worked hard” during these walks. They were slow, slower than a grandmother in a walker. But that’s the speed Nancy needed to go, and it was her first foray outside since coming home on Sunday.

Nancy also took a two-hour nap today and has professed to do so each day.

I helped Sarah with her homework and continue to prepare all the meals. I’m exhausted, but I keep going. I did take a break today to go for my workout, which was a struggle because I was so tired, and I followed it with a swim, a hot tub and sauna. I think it was the shower at the end that woke me up.

I brought Nancy a hummus wrap for lunch, and dinner was our leftovers from school (Thanks Liz it was delicious!).

Today I planned to wake up Nancy before 9 for blood pressure, temperature and medications, and then make her breakfast as I did today. Perhaps later I’ll go back to bed, who knows? I might slip away to Nip and Tuck to see Becky and the crew for breakfast and coffee. That’s my biggest vice, but I love going there.

I have a social event for a few hours, but I’ll have to prepare dinner before I can go. I’m going to search Facebook to see which of Nancy’s friends wish to come over for a few hours to help keep an eye on things while I am out.

Each day is a long day — for both of us, I am sure. But, I’m glad to have them. I’ve forgotten all about my job, because I’m too busy to think about it. I can’t get a breather in except a moment here or there. I cleaned out the garage yesterday because I needed a break. I’ll do more today, probably that’s when I can drag trash out to the curb.

I tried to start my motorcycle, but it needs a new battery. I think I’m going to need a jumpstart myself soon, maybe a massage at Trim or my club.

More to come as I return to work soon.


One thought on “Full days and fresh air as kidney recipient recovers

  1. You’re doing great Nancy…..walking outdoors for even a few houses …Hurray!! Bless you Mark…stay strong….you are her rock.

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