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Donor leaves hospital but recipient stays behind

By Mark Noble

Granted, Michelle deserved to leave the hospital yesterday, and I’m both thankful and happy for her. However, Nancy still remains.

At 8 p.m. Saturday, I’m by my wife’s side. It’s fairly quiet, too. We went for two walks down the halls. We ate dinner together. We’ve been chatting, looking at each other in bewilderment, and I’ve played nurse helping her around the room, in the bathroom, moving things around, etc.

Nancy had swollen ankles, but we learned that is also normal.

I ran over to Rite Aid and picked up the eight or so medications that were ready. Thank you, Verizon, my employer, for a great health plan. There’s one more to pick up, along with two generic blood pressure meds. I initially worried about the cost, but this had to be done, and the greater cost of not doing it would have been unbearable.

Anyway, half our hospital story is over. Michelle has departed and is in her own bed now, and Nancy remains. We are hoping for release today, which can only truly mean one thing: I’ve got a lot of house cleaning to do.

It’s time to get to work.


6 thoughts on “Donor leaves hospital but recipient stays behind

  1. My donor went home before me also. Hang in there….being released can be a process…everybody has to get their papers together, particularly on the weekend. I am so glad you have a devoted husband, mine was a rock and did everything for me those first weeks. Bless you both!! (Note to Nancy: …I ended up back in the hospital a week later, dehydrated because one med was causing diarrhea. That is not normal…let them know if you have it.)

  2. Hi I myself am a kidney transplant person my sister gave me my kidney 20yrs ago I know what your going thru speedy recovery if ever need to talk feel free to contact me Roy Brown email is starsrb55

  3. One day at a time… for donors (my surgery was 2-26-14) and for recipients AND for caregivers! Healing is a process and it looks different for every person involved. (I didn’t go home until Day 5/Sunday night… so Nancy is doing super-well in my book!) Peace & healing to you all 🙂

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