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Beaumont Health System features kidney donor, recipient on website

By Michelle Rogers
Kidney donor

I became acquainted with Beaumont Health System’s media relations coordinator, Mark Geary, on Twitter just before he started his job with the hospital. He was searching what people were saying on the social networking site about his new employer and I happened to be tweeting about my and Nancy Noble’s upcoming surgery. The relationship has resulted in a fantastic piece, coordinated by Mark, on the hospital’s website that gives Nancy and I a platform to share our story in an effort to encourage more people to consider live kidney donation.

What I like about the story and video, packaged together here, is that, contrary to the WDIV Channel 4 news piece, it incorporates information from one of the doctors, Dilip Samarapungavan, involved in Nancy’s kidney transplant.

“People doing something special purely out of the goodness of their hearts, purely because they know it’s the right thing to do, on a human level, is so incredible,” Samarapungavan is quoted as saying in Mark’s piece. “The data is actually very clear. If you’re healthy and all of your testing is normal at the time of donation, people who donate kidneys do excellent. It doesn’t have any long-term impact on their health, in general.”

Information from the experts and specialists involved is critical to a well-rounded piece, and improves the understanding of readers.

It’s my and Nancy’s hope that we will inspire more people to consider live kidney donation. For more information on Beaumont’s transplantation services, visit the hospital’s website.


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