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An intense day: Pre-surgical meeting

By Nancy Noble
Kidney recipient

Mark and I went to a pre-surgical meeting Tuesday. I had to have blood drawn, see the nurse and doctor, have an EKG and a chest X-ray. We met with the nurse and another transplant patient and went over all things related to the surgery and post surgery. It was quite intense! Mark and I were feeling a bit overwhelmed. I went home and read it all over again and felt better about it.

Next, I went for a walk in the sunny, cold weather to clear my head a bit. I think my daughter is more anxious than she is letting on and so we talked and I tried to ease her fears. I said, “Just think, I won’t be home for four days bugging you about your homework!” That got a smile out of her.

After the surgery, I’m not allowed to go anywhere except my doctor appointments for at least a month and maybe two, and I will need to wear a mask. There goes my husband’s birthday, my brother-in-law’s birthday and Easter. I guess Mark will have to cook me a nice Easter brunch or there is always Einstein bagels and coffee!

Fortunately, the nurse said I can go for walks I just need to stay away from malls, stores, restaurants and church.

Michelle and I were planning to go to Nordstrom on Saturday for a spa day, a pre-surgery treat, but she came down with a head cold and we thought it was best to cancel.

Stay tuned for my next post as we near our big day.


2 thoughts on “An intense day: Pre-surgical meeting

  1. Hang in there Nancy……suddenly it will be in the past and you will be able to go out. Just go with the flow and do what they tell you…it’s not that bad..really. You can do it! Janet, your phone buddy. 3 years since transplant and avid hand washer đŸ™‚

  2. Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog. The gift of life is a story of love and life and always a reason to celebrate! I was blessed to be a living kidney donor at Beaumont on 2-26-14. I would be happy to be a support contact, if you are interested, as I am 5 weeks ahead of your journey. Google “Sid Thomas Kidney Transplant Detroit” and you’ll be able to follow our story, if you wish. Blessings to you all & prayers for healing!

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