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Need for kidney transplant came as a surprise

By Nancy Noble
Kidney recipient

My dad always called my daughter Sarah “a little bundle of dynamite,” and she was. Feisty from the beginning, she came out screaming and healthy, except for the fact that she was under 2 pounds.

Sarah Noble, kidney recipient Nancy Noble's daughter.
Sarah Noble, kidney recipient Nancy Noble’s daughter.
She had to stay in the hospital for 10 weeks after she was born, which was a bit of a blessing because I needed to get my strength back after being in the hospital for five weeks. Sarah came home on her due date and life went on.

My sister Cheryl also just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, so we spent a lot of time together with the babies.

When I turned 35, my doctor wanted me to have another kidney biopsy to see if the kidney disease had advanced or changed. My diagnosis changed to membranoprolifative glomerulonephritis, MPGN for short. He said the kidneys had more scarring. We added some medicines and I continued to see him every four months.

When I turned 45, he recommended another biopsy to check on the kidneys. Same result — more scarring. But life went on as usual.

I always felt pretty good and my blood pressure was under control, and my kidney function was also good.

Last year, at age 47, I felt more tired and, over this past summer, I started experiencing some swelling once in awhile in my ankles. In September, my doctor told me that my creatine was going up and I asked him what we could do about it. He said, “Well, I would recommend a kidney transplant.” My mouth about hit the floor. That was not the answer I was expecting. I thought he would say, “Let’s try a new medicine.”

So, that began my whirlwind of meetings and tests and talking to family members and friends who would consider getting tested to be my donor. Miracle upon miracles, my brother Jim Walsh’s girlfriend, Michelle Rogers, said she would get tested. And she was a match! She went forward with all the tests and has agreed to be my donor. My family and I can’t thank her enough and love her so much! I consider her my sister!!!!!

I spoke with someone that had a transplant three years ago and she has helped me with some of my trepidation about the surgery. Our surgery date is April 2nd! Keep checking our blog for updates before and after the surgery.


2 thoughts on “Need for kidney transplant came as a surprise

  1. Hi Nancy…this is Janet, your 3 year after transplant friend. A friend of mine who works at the Macomb Daily posted this on FB and I was glad to see it was your story…now I get to see how everything turns out. Remember it’s like taking a long nap and coming out cured. ❤

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