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Outpouring of assistance touches the heart

By Mark Noble

As anyone would expect, I’ve experienced an overwhelming outpouring of offers to help. And from some unexpected sources.

Someone at work who lives nearby, with whom I’ve been “work friends” and seen around town, stepped forward in a beautiful voicemail offering to run errands or do whatever I needed the day or days after surgery. My neighbor across the street (he and I only talk to once in awhile but watch over each other’s homes, pets and families) says, “Anything you need, I’m right across the street.” Same with Nancy’s good friend who lives across the street, too, and next door to the other friend. Again, “Anything you need.”

My sister, who on the day of the surgery would undoubtedly want to be there, has offered to pick up my daughter from school (we’ve decided to allow her impact to be minimal, and to remain in her comfort zone at school.) My other sister sending me money to take Michelle and Jim out to dinner as her way of saying “thanks for helping my brother’s family.” My mother checking in daily.

Mark Noble with daughter, Sarah.
Mark Noble with daughter, Sarah.
My Facebook friends making donations or sending private messages of yahoo and hurray with joy. Even an early donation from a guy I worked with like 10 years ago popped out of the woodwork, undoubtedly just perusing through my Facebook posts at the time and wanting to pitch in.

Last night, while at my U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary meeting, the commander joyfully announced to a room of 30 other Coasties, members, staff officers like myself and divisional commanders that we’re having this surgery, followed by loud and welcoming claps of joy.

My peers at Verizon, a whole team of them, many sending me emails of support, prayers, and “Let me know what you need done” notes.

I feel like if I let everyone do everything, I wouldn’t have to do anything except sit by Nancy’s side. But, knowing her, she would tell me to go home eventually.

My point is, we are surrounded by everyone and anyone, thumbsUpand all of them want to pitch in to do something. You’re all loved and appreciated. If you were one of the many people I mentioned, your words of wisdom, strength, courage and prayer are all welcomed. Don’t every change who you are. Keep the encouragement coming.

Will we take everyone up on every offer? Probably not, but some we might, and others we’ll take as goodwill and relish the thought that we do have a very strong team behind us.


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